Monster Hunter Generations Review

default-noscaleMonster Hunter Generations is the newest installment in the popular Monster Hunter action RPG series, which has sold more than 36 million units worldwide. This is the most customizable Monster Hunter experience to date, and it serves as a fitting tribute to the last decade of the series with a blend of brand new areas and monsters, and returning fan-favorites that have been updated and adapted to the newest generation of gameplay. (source)

Now players can play as one of these adorable palicos to take on quests. They even have their own line of quests, specifically designed for them, and for those who wants to take the gathering quests, your cute felines are your greatest option to take the quest as it doesn’t requires you to bring lots of items such as potions, pick axe and bug net.

Additionally they have added Hunter Style / Arts (Adept, Aerial, Striker and Guild) which is very very useful on hard quests. Most players pick Adept Skills but my personal favorite is the Aerial. Performing this maneuver into a monster results the player into the air, allowing for aerial strikes and  a potential mounting of the monster. Players who familiarized with Insect Glaives will surely know how this works. Adept Style will grant an automatic great attack after performing perfect dodges.

If you are a player of Monster Hunter since PSP Days, then I assure you that you will love this game and feel nostalgic about it.

Gameplay: 9/10

Sounds: 10/10 (you will feel relaxed when you are in town)

New Monsters: 10/10 (they kick b*tt big time)