My name is Gil, graduated from AMA Computer College, holding a bachelor degree major in Computer Studies. I’ve been engaged on doing websites from several companies that I’ve worked with.

I started developing a website since I graduated from College, back then I develop website using HTML. Even though for almost 8 years after graduation, I am more engaged with Graphic Designs by doing invitations, logo, posters, calling card etc. My desire in developing websites has been divided with graphic designing. But the passion of doing websites was never lost.

In 2009, I decided to switch my career back in programming. I knew that I am a little bit out of touch as many programming languages arises during my 8 years of absence in programming.  My employer has assigned me to handle a website job that uses PHP Scripting and advanced HTML/ CSS. The interest was realized after when I was assigned to do Business websites, then WordPress was introduced to me and my passion for building websites  has become stronger. Since then I started developing sites under WordPress, customized themes, bug fixing, transfer one site to another host, DNS Transfers, and a lot more.

I begin doing freelance jobs when I decided to take a break from office jobs and do home-based jobs.

I started to give a simple and cheap websites and at the same time more secured, easy to use, mobile friendly and most of all, even a non-IT person can fully understand how to add and modify the contents of their websites in no time.

On a personal side, I love collecting mecha figures, I have Transformers, Lego, Gundam, Kreons, Superman, GI Joe, and some happy meal that I love on my Collection Cabinet. I have more than 200+ Figures combined. I’m also a Console Gamer. I love playing video games, PS4, 3DS, PC and Mobile Games.

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